Natural Everyday Look to Evening

So here is my friend Jo (you’ve seen her before here: wearing a very natural look. I chose Jo because she’s not a big makeup fan and I wanted to show people who are more light handed with a brush that you can still get a great look with little product. This is something I’d wear daily, because I’d rather not get all done up when I’ve only got a few minutes in the morning and I’m just going to class. I’ve included a little bit at the end of how to turn this look into a simple nighttime look, again for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup.

So here’s her bare face to start (you can click the images to make them larger):

Next I do some really light foundation. I mixed a liquid foundation with some of her own face moisturizer, added some light concealer, and a very light dusting of a loose powder on top to set it all. As you can see, it’s quite sheer but it feels very light on the skin (something someone who isn’t used to wearing makeup is really going to want).

Next I did a quick and light bit of contouring, highlighting and blush on her cheeks. Again, it’s sheer but adds a nice glow to her face.

After this, I lightly filled in her eyebrows with a medium brown eyeshadow and covered her lids (top and bottom) with an eyeshadow base.


Next I dusted a medium-light gold over the lid and into the crease, and topped it with a light shimmery colour in the centre of the eye. I also dusted a medium matte brown into the crease for added definition.

I added a light shimmery highlight to just under the brow bone and the inner corner after dusting on a medium brown under the bottom lashes.

I finished off the look with a light pink lipstick and a thin layer of mascara.

So what you’re left with is a great, very simple, very pretty natural look. It’s casual but it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t often wear makeup.

Now, to make this look into an evening look, I did a few very simple things. First, I added a medium-dark brown shadow into the crease to darken it up. Then, I used a deep blue shadow as an eyeliner on the top and outer part of the bottom lashes to darken the look up some more and make her eye colour pop. After this, I threw on an extra layer of mascara to the top and bottom lashes and did a deeper, but still natural, lip colour. So here’s what I came up with. It’s still a natural and simple look, great for someone not used to makeup, but it will work well for an evening or night out. (I know the lighting is different, but I think it works to show how this look will work in different kinds of light. I think it looks good in both.)

Isn’t she gorgeous? Thanks, Jo, for helping me out!

You can see all the products I used in the pictures, but I may add an actual product list when I’m back home and can make sure I get the names right.



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Snap Shot: Christmas 2

So this is my second Christmas look. It’s a lot more bold with a bit more glitter (it’s hard to see in the pictures because my camera is crap, but the inner corner highlight is all glitter and the liner is glittery black). I’d also highly recommend false lashes with this look, but I didn’t have time to put some on. I don’t have time to do a product list, but enjoy!


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Snap Shot: Christmas 1

So seeing as it’s Christmas, here’s a quick look at a simple makeup idea for the holidays. I’m also intending to put up a Snap Shot of something more bold for the holidays.

The products I used are:

  • Mac Mineralize Loose Foundation in Light (face)
  • Mac Mineralize Skinfinish blush in Semi Precious Rose Quarts (cheeks and highlight)
  • Mac Paint Pot in Painterly (eyes)
  • Urban Decay Naked Pallet in Half Baked (eyes crease and lower lid)
  • Gosh Effect Powder in Pineapple (eyes crease and lower lid)
  • A shimmery forest green from Mac (I depoted my shadows and put them in a Mac pallet so now I’ve lost the shadow names, but any forest green would do: applied to the lids and as liner part way under the eyes)
  • A sparkly black shadow as liner on the upper lid
  • A shimmery white as a highlight and on the inner corner of the eyes
  • Mac Glitter in Reflects Pearls (the inner corner of the eyes)
  • Sleek Pout Paint in Pin Up (lips)

It’s a fairly simple holiday look but it’s effective. I’ll be sure to post some fuller posts after exams.


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Exam Week!

So right now I’m taking a few minutes break (maybe more like an hour to do this and watch Ellen haha) from studying. It’s final exam time right now and alas, I don’t have the time to post a really good post. But, fear not! I have stuff on the way. I’ll be done exams at the end of next week and I’ll try to get something up when I go home after.

Wish me luck!

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Snap Shot: Double Wing Liner

So tonight is our Monthly Girls Night and I felt like doing something cool with my makeup. I’ve done double wings on the outter and inner eye, and it was tough, but I think it worked out well.

The products I used are:

  • Mac Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer Illuminater (face)
  • Mac Mineralize Loose Foundation in Light (face)
  • Mac Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in Medium Dark (contour)
  • Covergirl Blush (cheeks)
  • Gosh Quattro Eye Shadow Blooming Forest (the highlight colour as a face highlight)
  • Mac Paint Pot in Painterly (eyeshadow base)
  • Urban Decay Naked Pallet: Naked, Buck, and Darkhorse (crease); Sidecar, Sin and Half Baked (lid)
  • Mac Shadow in Creamy Bisque (eye highlight)
  • Mac Eye Kohl in Fascinating (outter and inner wings and waterline)
  • Mac Shadow in White Frost (outter and inner wings)
  • Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack (liner and wings)
  • Mascara sample from Sephora
  • Quo Full Lashes #804
  • Quo shadow (I don’t know the name, but I just used a dark matte brown to fill in my brows)
  • Sleek Makeup Pout Paint in Rosette (lips)
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Tutorial: Smokey Green-Burgundy Eyes

So I figured I’d try my hand at a tutorial. Someday when I have a better camera, I’ll probably re-do this. Anyway, this is my take on a smokey green-burgundy eye look.
First I start with my foundation routine. I use Mac Prep + Prime in Adjust all over my face, I apply this with my Mac 130. Followed by Mac Pro Longwear concealer in NW20 under my eyes and on any blemishes, applied with my fingers. I set all this with Mac Mineralize Loose Foundation in light, I apply this with my Mac 182.

After this I fill in my brows with Mabelline Define-A-Brow in Medium Brown and I apply my eyeshadow base: Mac Paint Pot in Painterly, I apply this with my fingers.

I use my Mac 239SE to apply Mac Outre matte shadow all over my lid and into the crease.

Next I apply Smashbox eyeshadow in Zoom all over my crease with my Smashbox fluffy brush (I can’t find a name or number on it). Followed by Mac eyeshadow in Humid concentrated on the outer corners of my lids and blended into the crease.

Next I use my Mac Eye Kohl in Foxy Lady to line my bottom lid and I blend it with my finger. I apply Mac eyeshadow in Mythical with my Mac 214 and smudge, smudge, smudge!

I apply my Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to my brow bone and inner corner and blend. On top of this I apply Mac Eyeshadow in Creamy Bisque with my Estee Lauder 10E Small Eeyshadow brush for highlight.

Here I use Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study to highlight my cheeks (applied with my fingers) and Mac Mineralize Skinfinish blush in Semi Precious Rose Quartz (applied with my Mac 187).

Now I smudge Mac Eye Pencil in Ebony along the outer 2/3 of my upper lash line and smudge it with my fingers. Then I apply my mascara (I don’t know the name of this, but it’s from Sephora and comes in a set of two with a different little mascara) to top and bottom lashes.

I apply Mac Lustre lipstick in Plink topped with and Elf Super Glossy Lip Shine.

The finished look!

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Gosh Eyeshadow Quad in Blooming Forest Review

Here is a review on the Gosh eyeshadow quad called Blooming Forest. Here are some photos and swatches to start with (again sorry for the poor quality).

I really love the quality of these shadows. They’re soft but don’t crumble and they blend easily while remaining very pigmented. I don’t know why, but the purple colour (the colours aren’t named, sorry) shows up really brown in pictures. It’s much more of a true purple in real life. It’s great for my hazel eyes, but the outstanding shadow in this is the lightest one; the highlight. It’s one of my all time favourites for highlighting and I’d purchase just that shadow if I could. The quad comes with one of those silly double-ended spongy applicator things that I’d rather just toss than use, but it works in a cinch for the highlight colour. Great product.

Thanks for visiting,

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